The Powers that Be

Long before the coming of the Brightmaiden the World was the playground of ancient beings – Gods, if you will. These Gods were free to shape the chaos of the World as they saw fit – for it was a time of mutabilty and dynamism, ever changing.
Despite this chaos, the Gods were predisposed towards ensuring the lesser races that dwelt upon the World were – at least to a degree – protected, for it was the energy gathered from the worship of these small creatures that kept the Gods ascendant.

When the Brightmaiden came to the World with her Divine Host, they began a pogrom to unify the cosmological playing field. Her Angels swept across the fields and valleys, the mountains and the seas. They sought out the Gods of the World like a wolfhound seeks out a fox. They smashed those that resisted. They ran down those that fled.
In the end, each God that was cornered by the Divine Host was given a choice:

Serve the Lady of Light as part of her Divine Host, a God still to the mortals, and yet subservient to her.

Those that agreed, became a part of the New Pantheon.

Those that refused, the Divine Host sought to contain. Many fled into the depths of the World as it changed and was remade. Many more perished to the shining steel and fiery judgement of the Solar Queen. These became the Old Gods.

The Powers that Be

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