People of the World

Cast List

Dorn Greymantle (Deceased / Dwarven scholar, chief librarian of the Great Library of Highever, and armchair diviner)
Joll the Librarian (Alive / Akiloan orphan, raised and educated by Dorn, new tender of the Great Library of Highever)
Father Fergus Calhoun (Alive / High Priest of the Brightmaiden in Highever)
Keeper Athelarius Dreamfrond (Alive / Wood elf Keeper of Tolith Lethari and High Druid of the Whispering Woods)
Amaranth Treeswift (Alive / Wood Elf Ranger-Captain of Tolith Lethari, and master of the bow)
Natyne Sturm (Alive / Half-wood elf orphan of Alaysia Dreamfrond and Calvin Sturm)
Azariah the Witch (“Alive” / former wood elf witch of the Whispering Woods and troublemaker for the wood elves of Tolith Lethari)
Haliburton Featherwhistle (Alive / Gnome shopkeeper, and employee of Raebs store)
Runaan (Alive / Sylph)
Ryani (Alive / Undine)
Nira (Alive / Tiefling)
Captain Thorne (Alive / Shipmaster and owner of the privateer warship Tempest)
Captain Blythe (Alive / Shipmaster and owner of the Rumtumbler Spirits Caravan)
Captain Kender (Alive / Shipmaster and owner of the Reefrunner sloop)
Uhkk (Alive / Half-orc privateer from the Forest of Broken Spears, wields an oversized falchion)
Ben (Deceased / Cartigian privateer, eaten by avatar of Abydos
Shokko (Alive / Saradrimi privateer, carries a razor-sharp khopesh from his homeland)
Rolf Haverton (Alive / Highever merchant wagon-master)

Issa (Alive / Ifrit sorceress, formerly of the Tempest crew before taking offense to traveling with the elf, Karaerdral)

Selice (Alive / Undine wizard and resident alchemist and herbalist for the town of Firen, whose children were saved by adventurers from a fossegrim preying upon the town)
Madam Bellflower (Alive / Owner of the Bridgeway Inn and Tavern at the eastern edge of the Worldbridge)

Pirate Lord Barov (Deceased / Master of the Iron VIper Pirate Gang, beheaded by Raeb)

The Congressional Council of Haven
Kresimir the Sunkissed
Thelynn the Seakissed
Urta the Mountainkissed
Haala the Skykissed
Persefoni (Alive / Aasimar healer and avatar of Rehain)
Bellerofon (Alive / Tiefling warpriest and tyrant of the Bhayalic Brotherhood)
General Hobus Ironhews (Alive / Half-iron golem dwarven general of the Havenite Militia)

Asvalad (Alive / The Divine Shadow) Keynan Fishwinkle (“Alive” / Vampire Spawn and former minstrel at the Fireside Inn)

Flynn Fireside (Alive / Dwarven Owner and Proprietor of the Fireside Inn in Haven)

Innisfana the Dreamer (Alive / High Elf wizard in Haven)
Vera Coldheart (Alive / Half-high elf sorceress and ice mage, part owner of Rimefire Inn)
Coriander Taro (Alive / Tiefling Pyromancer, part owner of Rimefire Inn)
Karth the Necromancer (Alive / Human rogue necromancer from Bloodhome)
Delenar the Merchant (Deceased / Ifrit merchant, slain for crossing the Sunkissed)

Enarra Askavi the Blood Queen (“Alive” / Vampire Queen of Bloodhaven)
Silas Askavi (“Alive” / Vampire brother of the QUeen, ancient vampire and recluse)
Princess Yara Askavi (“Alive” / Vampire biological daughter of mortal Enarra, reclusive beauty)
Duke Haldric Vylis the Viletongue (“Alive” / Ghoul King and Enarras closest ally)
Baron Ashmedai (“Alive” / Ancient wight-king and wielder of the Sword of Iskarios)
Castus Kree (Alive / Slavemaster to the Blood Queen and representative of the Slaver Guilds)
The Jackal (Alive / Agent of the Blood Queen in Highever)
Lady Victoria Gloomleaf (“Alive” / Vampire agent of the Blood Queen in Shal-Mori)
Malhim (Alive / Slaver Wagonmaster)

People of the World

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