Haven, City of Half-Bloods

Haven, City of the Otherkin

Population: 27,500
Government: Congressional Republic
Heraldry: White field with four triangles facing point-inwards in red, blue, green and yellow

The one true refuge of the Half-Bloods of the world; elemental or otherworldly ancestors whose blood has been awakened. Founded many years after the Divine Hosts pogrom, in the year 756.
It is governed by a republic where all landowners, merchants or tradesmen cast a vote by show of hand to elect one of twelve representatives to the congressional council. The congress sets the laws of the city and has them enforced if needed by the Havenite Militia. Unusually for a city of this size, the law is extraordinarily lax, and those not familiar with it would see it as a form of semi-ordered anarchy. The only real laws that are actively enforced are contractual obligations being broken, or crimes that would directly impact the safety, security and economic power of the city as a whole.

Places of Note:
Congress Keep (the seat of government)
Havens Rock (small fortress on the northern side of the harbour, also a prison)
Havenite Bazaar (massive market in center of city, focal point of economy in city)
Blooded Wench Tavern (festive ale-house off the Bazaar)
Fireside Inn (cozy, warm, friendly inn near the northern gate)
Rimefire Inn (popular tavern and inn near southern gate)

People of Note:
Kresimir the Sunkissed
Thelynn the Seakissed
Urta the Mountainkissed
Haala the Skykissed
General Hobus Ironhews
Coriander Taro
Vera Coldheart

Haven, City of Half-Bloods

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