Prophecy of the Black Sun


“The cycle, put in place ages past,
stands to break.
The threads are fraying and we approach a final deviation in the skeins.
Doom comes,
banishes the light and darkness will eat the world.
The shadows fall,
night unto day,
unto darkness forevermore.

When the Gates of Day break,
the Herald will come falling in heavenly fire.
Last of the celestial parade, thrown from paradise to dwell in the dirt.
This is the key.
The Last Choice,
observed and judged.
And she who burns brightly,
mother of all and yet she who birthed none,
shall sleep a changing sleep,
will dream a maddening dream.
An Age of Darkness stands before,
and ahead,
and Fate will come if the broken threads are mended.
Break the cycle, or drown in the rivers of time.

Four Pillars shall support the herald,
each bound by the fraying threads of Fate.
Four Pillars,
with cracked foundations.
If they stand strong,
they shall weather the coming troubled times.
If they crumble,
all will come to an End.

The First Pillar is obscured by mist and shadow,
Keen eyes piercing the ever-gloom of the Lost to find the Truth.
Facing danger and walking the path unseen.
Shall the pillar stand tall and uncover the Final Truth,
and in doing so,
see the true face of God.

The Second Pillar has lost itself long ago,
the spark of radiance that burns within forgotten.
Birthed of the Highest Heaven,
but bound into the flesh of the world.
Peddler of Fate,
arm of redemption,
that soulful pillar shall be strong and in its strength support those who walk into the darkness.
If the Lightbearer illuminates the path, then all shall return to the greatest of Glories.

The Third Pillar sits upon a broken home,
of a life left behind and yet never forgotten.
Strong of body,
stable of mind,
the rebel shall rise from humble and dirty ways to stand as an instrument of justice and honor,
or fall into the darkness and the rage that grows beneath.

The Final Pillar is fractured.
Its threads split and tangled,
between metal and mind.
One soul seeks two perfections,
and drives itself through Fate to find them.
It must overcome the pride of its dual-natured art,
and find in it the strength and will to unite others as itself must be united.
It will find the true place or it will crumble and fall,
and in doing so take with it the hope of a People.

These Pillars shall support the Herald,
threads bound to Fate.
The Messenger and the Maiden.
The choice will not be clear,
obscured as it is in the growing darkness,
but it must be made.
And the consequences shall be final,
until the stars die,
and the world burns to ash…"

Prophecy of the Black Sun

An Age of Darkness Ebonlocke