The City of Highever

LG Metropolis
Population: 113,000 (78% human, 15% Dwarf, 5% Half-Elf, 2% Other)
Heraldry: White shield on blue field, crossed black rose and sword in shield

Located in the Old World just North of the Whispering Woods is the trade city of Highever. UIt us the capital of the small kingdom of Andara, and home to the palace of King Roland Andara and his line of descendants.
Highever exports wool, lumber, meat, leather and produce. It imports precious stones, rare metals, wines, cotton and herbs.
It sits astride one of the tributaries of the Everfont, which spills into the Great Sea two days from the city. The river is wide and deep enough that trading ships can sail up the river to Highever where their goods are transferred onto flat-bottomed barges that continue to travel up the river and to the settlements inland from Highever.

Places of Note:

The Palace of Roland Andara

The Cathedral of the Golden Star

The Kings Barrel Inn

The Roaming Ogre Inn

The Great Library of Highever

The Duskwalker Guildhouse


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