King Valkan the Black

LE Human Archmage


A tall, broad-shouldered man with a regal bearing, strong jaw, and long black hair, neatly trimmed mustache and beard and ruthless, steel grey eyes, wearing a crown of iron and gold, and a gold-trimmed black robe of the Magi, wielding a staff of darkwood topped with an obsidian raven upon a large heartstone diamond (pinkish red).


Valkan the Black is the scourge of the Old World; a warlord of such tactical skill, charisma and potency that his armies spread from the single city-state of Crucible to conquer much of the central Old World. Many cities still bear the marks of his armies passing. At the height of his power, just before the city of Highever would fall to his forces, Valkan secluded himself away in his study for a full fortnight. After no sign of him, his retainers finally penetrated the sealed chamber and found no trace of the powerful Mage-lord. Without his leadership, his enemies rallied and eventually crushed his forces. Those left fled to the Iron Bastion of Blackfalls and still hold that territory, hoping for their master to return.

King Valkan the Black

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