Joll the Librarian

LG Human Cleric of Tiburon


A dusky skinned young man with inquisitive green eyes, wears a simple scholars robe.


Born in Highever to a foreign whore from Akilos, Joll was apprenticed to the Librarian of Highever, Dorn Greymantle. He spent his early years learning to read various languages, and being educated by Dorn. When he reached his teenage years, his faith in Tiburon grew when he had a religious experience while pouring through an ancient text late in the night. Dorn allowed him to meet with a cleric of Tiburon, who ordained him into the faith. With the death of Dorn, Joll has taken over for his mentor as the Chief Librarian. As Dorn was well respected by the city administration, they accepted Dorn’s last wishes to have Joll made the official keeper in his stead.

Joll the Librarian

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