Indar of the Dawns Death

CE Half-Demon Anti-Paladin


A tall, powerfully built man with corpse-pale skin, a bald head and two horns rising from his brow and curling back across his scalp, black eyes with red pupils and a mouth of teeth filed to jagged points, wearing a spiked suit of full plate, a kite shield bearing the heraldry of Valkan the Black and a wicked looking heavy flail and longsword at his hip.


The Terror of the armies of Valkan the Black, the man known as the Dawns Death is responsible for more atrocities during Valkan the Blacks campaigns than any other warlord in his service. Son of a witch and a demon, Indar was bred to be an agent of evil, chaos and misery and has lived up to his birthright better than his abyssal father could have hoped. He is responsible for the violation and death of the paladins Sora Hope and Tiana Luthvian, and is suspected to be involved in the disappearance of Ophelia Krayvus. He wields a pair of potent artifacts of evil – the Fist of Murder (heavy flail) and the demonsword Blasphymous (longsword). When Valkan vanished at the height of his campaign, Indar abandoned his armies beseiging Highever and rode south upon his unholy mount, the nightmare Mournhoof. He has not been seen since.

Indar of the Dawns Death

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