Azariah the Witch of the Whispering Woods

CN Fey-touched Changeling Witch


A short woman with corpse-pale skin, black veins visible beneath her skin, black eyes and dishevelled black hair, wearing a black robe with a mantle of crow and raven feathers, and in the company of an unkindness of ravens, and inside her mouth are rows of teeth – far, far too many sharp, shark-like teeth and carries a curved mithril dagger called the Crows Wing.


The Witch of the Whispering Woods is feared and misunderstood, servant of alien powers that are sacriligious to the Wood Elves she once dwelt with. Few know the truth of her strange, surreal existence in the woods, and fewer still know of her former marriage to the Keeper of Tolith Lethari, Athelarius Dreamfrond. A tense and unpleasant relationship with the wood elves has kept her driven into the depths of the woods where she practices her craft in isolation, and studies the strange dreams of her alien patrons. She taught hexcraft to the High Elf magus Karaerdral, and recently, she has been in contact with the elves once again, as she traded an apprenticeship contract with Natyne Sturm – Athelarius’ granddaughter – for the Key of the Devourer. What mischief or chaos she would get up to, now holding the means to bring the entire elven nation to heel, is yet to be seen.

Azariah the Witch of the Whispering Woods

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